ReadingESL stories and readings in English for ESL learners





car tire in the snow
black tire, black wheel
a man with black hair who is wearing black sunglasses
black hair, black sunglasses


a man wearing a brown baseball cap and a brown sweater
brown hat, brown sweater
the side of a brown building
brown building
a wooden floor
brown floor
a fence made of cedar logs
brown fence


a picture of an old sailing ship made painted on tiles
blue boat
blue ocean with the blue sky above it
blue sky and blue water
two blue parrots
blue birds
a blue running shoe
blue shoes


two gold colored angels as decoration on a store front
gold angels
  a large gold statue of Buddha
gold Buddha


a green apple
green apple
a head of broccoli
green broccoli
two tiny green frogs sitting on green leaves
green frog, green leaves


a city scene in the fog
grey sky, grey weather
a pencil drawing
grey picture
street, sidewalk and the side of a concrete building
grey sidewalk, grey building


oranges for sale in a grocery store
orange oranges
a carved pumpkin with a scary face
orange jack-o-lantern
four burning candles
orange candles
orange direction signs at a construction site
orange signs


pink peonies
pink flowers
a pink van
pink van


a purple butterfly decoration
purple butterfly
purple flowers
purple flowers



slices of watermelon
red watermelon
a red gate
red door
a red car covered in snow
red car
a tube of red paint
red paint


  tin cans
silver cans




a white lily
white lilies, white flowers
milk being poured into a glass
white milk
a street and sidewalk covered in snow
white snow



two yellow mugs
yellow mugs
a road at night with lots of overhead lights
yellow lights
yellow tulips
yellow tulips, yellow flowers
aa yellow van
yellow truck